Bluphoria: Musicians Predict the 2022 Baseball Season

Full SPIN Magazine Article HERE.

What’s your prognosis for the season?
Because I’m from The Bay I have to say that the Giants got it this year! They did pretty well last season.

What are your reasonable hopes?
I’m optimistically hopeful that the Giants will at least make the championship series.

What do you think of your team’s new acquisitions (or lack thereof)?
Hopefully some of these pitchers are going to bring the fire the Giants are looking for.

What’s the ceiling/floor?
This is a tough one. Hoping the kinks get worked out early and they can keep it strong til the end.

Who’s your player to watch this year? 
Probably Joey Bart. He needs to be locked in back there and has some big shoes to fill with Buster leaving. I hope he can carry the same weight.

Will they make the playoffs?
Definitely hope so!

What’s your World Series matchup?
I’d like to see the Giants beat the Dodgers and go to the World Series against the Astros!